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By dialing 646-612-2929, you agree to the following:

– You are accountable for the content you submit.

– Your content is accurate, not defamatory, and does not violate the privacy, data protection, or confidentiality rights of others.

– Your content does not copy or infringe upon any third-party copyrights, moral rights, or other intellectual property rights. For instance, do not submit photos, drawings, or recordings unless you own the copyright or have obtained the necessary permissions.

– Your content is truthful, based on your own genuine experiences, and is not misleading.

– Your content is not hateful, harassing, malicious, profane, discriminatory, obscene, sexually explicit, offensive, prejudicial to any ongoing court proceedings, or encouraging violence or criminal behavior. It does not violate any court orders or laws.

– Your content is not commercial speech, advertising, or investigative in nature. You must clearly disclose any interests or potential conflicts related to the subject matter.

– Your content does not impersonate others or misrepresent your identity, affiliation, or status.

– Your content is free of harmful elements such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other malicious software.

Additionally, you agree that:

– You retain copyright of your content. By submitting it, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive worldwide license to use, copy, host, index, cache, tag, encode, edit, transmit, adapt, modify, publish, translate, publicly display, publicly perform, create derivative works from, make available, communicate, and distribute your content in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. This license can be sublicensed to other entities and brands within our group as well as to third parties.

– To the extent permitted by law, you waive your moral rights (e.g., the right to be identified as the author or to object to derogatory treatment) in your content.

– We may edit, add to, remove, or otherwise amend your content for journalistic purposes at our discretion, whether or not it has been published. We are not obligated to do so.

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