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Modern dating is a sh*tshow

Get personalized insights, recommendations, and proven tools to help you make sense of your love life, find a great partner, and create the relationship you deserve.

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A radical new approach

You’re not the problem—we all know dating is broken. We can’t fix the system but we can help you stay in the right headspace and rise above it. And that can change everything.

Finally, self-care for your love life

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Revealing assessments
Fun & engaging scientific assessments help you understand yourself, your partners, and your relationships
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Science-backed programs
Powerful workshops, meditations and rituals help you become your best self, love the life you have, and create the love you want
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Game-changing advice
Daily DMs packed with expert advice help you date smarter, spark stronger connections, and build better relationships
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Inspiring live events
Honest conversations about modern love give you new ways to think about yourself, what you want, and how to get it

Our assessments

The Coach Discover your limiting patterns and your potential
The Matchmaker Discover what kind of partner you need
The Navigator Understand your partner’s patterns
The Housekeeper Make sense
of your breakup

We believe...

  • Dating can make you
    doubt yourself

    Dating is hard. Dating apps are supposed to help but they can make you feel worse. That’s because the goal of most apps isn’t to help you find love—it’s to get everyone hooked on the search.

  • There's nothing
    wrong with you

    But the way you’ve been taught to think about yourself, dating & relationships is all wrong, and can make you feel powerless, and lead to exactly the kinds of relationships you’re trying to avoid.

  • It's time to flip
    the script

    You may not believe it (yet), but you’re in control of your own love life. Once you figure out how to use that power, you’ll be shocked at how quickly things change.

  • Knowledge is

    No one teaches us how to find the right person, build healthy relationships, or feel whole & fulfilled on our own. We’re here to change that. Because our relationships—with ourselves and other people—are everything.

What People Are Saying


  • The Sweetn approach is based on principles from performance coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and mindfulness. In addition, our assessments are based on thousands of hours of research and statistical analysis.

  • Sweetn will eventually be for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference, but it’s currently for anyone who identifies as a heterosexual woman and is looking for love. We’ll expand as soon as we’ve gathered the right data—Sweetn’s lab is working on that now!

  • Yes, soon! Our assessments are based on a rigorous process that involves a lot of research and data collection. Our lab is working on collecting that data for different groups but we're a small startup so it may take a little time.

    If you want to get updates, just click "Take the Quiz", answer a few quick questions about your identity, and leave your email.

  • Sweetn is free for a limited time during our beta. Sign up now!

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