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  • Dating can make you doubt yourself

    Dating is hard. Dating apps are supposed to help but they can make you feel worse. That’s because the goal of most apps isn’t to help you find love—it’s to get everyone hooked on the search.

  • There's nothing
    wrong with you

    But the way you’ve been taught to think about yourself, dating & relationships is all wrong, and can make you feel powerless, and lead to exactly the kinds of relationships you’re trying to avoid.

  • It's time to flip
    the script

    You have a lot more power over your love life than you realize. Understanding yourself and breaking the mental patterns that are stopping you from creating the life you want can make all the difference.

  • Knowledge is
    the key

    No one teaches us how to find the right person, build healthy relationships, or feel whole & fulfilled on our own. We’re here to change that. Because our relationships—with ourselves and other people—are everything.

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