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Modern dating is a dumpster fire

Don’t get burned—use The Sweetn Method™ to manage your mindset, game a broken system, and get the life you want.

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It's time to take out the trash

You deserve an amazing love. But because dating today is so toxic, finding that love requires clearing out some garbage—from your mind and the dating pool. We’ll show you exactly how.

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What's inside?

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Glow up your love life
Your personalized Journey shines a light on all the stuff that’s working against you and shows you how to flip it
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Change the way you talk to yourself
Our proprietary tools, like audio loops and reframes, help you transform your self-talk and embody your hottest, most magnetic self
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Game the apps
Learn simple but powerful techniques that make the apps work for you by doing the least amount of work possible
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Get expert support
Regular IRL and Zoom meetups answer all your burning questions and go deep on how to navigate modern love

Why You Need This

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Harleen Kahlon
Sweetn's founder

We believe...

  • Dating can make you
    doubt yourself

    Dating is hard. If you’re not careful, the inevitable disappointments can ruin your self-esteem and make you feel hopeless & desperate.

  • There's nothing
    wrong with you

    But the way you’ve been taught to think about yourself, dating & relationships is all wrong, and can keep you stuck.

  • It's time to flip
    the script

    You may not believe it (yet), but you’re in control of your love life. Internalizing that belief is a game-changer.

  • Knowledge is

    No one teaches us how to find the right person, build healthy relationships, or feel whole & fulfilled on our own. Until now.

Our Experts

Sweetn’s proprietary approach was developed in partnership with experts who have decades of experience helping women tap into their power.


  • Sweetn is a first-of-its-kind mental wellness company focused on dating! We use technology, psychology, and performance coaching to help people have better, healthier love lives. In other words: We help you tweak your mindset to transform your love life.

  • Sweetn is rooted in principles from cognitive behavioral therapy, performance coaching, and mindfulness. We’ve spent several years working with psychologists, data scientists, and statisticians to fine-tune our approach.

  • Sweetn will eventually be for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference, but it’s currently for women who like men. We’ll expand as soon as we’ve gathered the right data—Sweetn’s lab is working on that now.

  • Sweetn was founded by an all-female team in collaboration with psychologists, dating experts, data scientists and statisticians. You can learn more about our story and our team on the About Us page.

  • Unfortunately, no one can make you that guarantee (and if anyone tries to tell you that…RUN). That said, following the Sweetn program can completely transform your relationship to yourself and the way you approach dating & relationships. Try it!

  • We’re available every day from 9 am-5 pm EST. If you have any issues with your account, subscription, or just see something you don’t like, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.

  • No, we’re not a dating app, which means we don’t match with you anyone. But, we are an app about dating! That means that we help you change your mindset so you can make sense of your love life (and use dating apps with a fresh perspective).

  • Beta means that we’re new and working out some kinks (psst: that’s why our pricing is so affordable—you should take advantage while you can!).

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